N series NFH

The series NFH is a solenoid driven metering with the concept of the user-friendly design. Our technology makes the pump with reliable feeding performance. The feeding capacity can be adjusted via stroke length and stroke frequency to obtain a satisfied turndown ratio.

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● The wide voltage circuit design. (1φ100V~240V)
● The solenoid with thermostat always makes the pump running safety.
● The water/dust proof design which Equivalent to protection IP65
● Easy to read the LCD display


● Dosing of Bathtub/pool sterilant (sodium hypochlorite, etc.)
● Dosing of Food related fungicide/coloring agents/additive etc.
● Chemical dosing of Cooling tower, water treatment
● Dosing of Paper and pulp chemicals, slime control agent
● Dosing of Livestock related medication
● Dosing of Hydroponic culturing, liquid fertilizing
● Chemical dosing of Plating