SHUN EIKO was established in 1991, which is a joint venture with Taiwanese pump distributor-NEW EIKO and Japanese pump maker-NIKKISO EIKO. During 25 years dedicating in the metering pump field, we have combined the high-efficiency of Taiwanese manufacturer and high-quality of Japanese product design.

We have been manufacturing a metering pump, chemical pump, and a dosing pump for 28 years. Our technology makes the pump with user-friendly design and reliable feeding performance.









As a result, we have obtained over 50% of the Taiwanese market share, and in 2004, we established YSEK  which is our only oversea factory in China. Nowadays, We have also attained a great achievement in the China market. We have faced countless challenges and have constructed a reliable relationship with our clients. Now, we build a well-known brand image in the wastewater treatment industry, and SHUN EIKO is not only satisfied with China and Taiwan market, but we also want to bring our high-quality product and service to all users around the world.