The series NFH is a solenoid driven metering with the concept of the user-friendly design. Our technology makes the pump with reliable feeding performance. The feeding capacity can be adjusted via stroke length and stroke frequency to obtain a satisfied turndown ratio.

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● High discharge accuracy
● PVC, SUS304, SUS316 diaphragm heads available
※PVDF material can only be produced in AHA01-42
● Various connection types available: Flange, union, hose (AHA01 to 32: PVC)
● The durable and simple oil-bath drive unit
● Motors: S.F.:1.15 F class IP55 outdoor service (AHA & AHB standard type only)


● Chemical Metering and Dosing (pH control), sampling
● Wastewater treatment plants
● Water processing plants
● Chemical plants
● Paper manufacturing plants
● Food processing plants
● Mining/Iron plants